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Energy Agency

Who are we?

Pamplona’s Municipal Energy Agency has been a Pamplona City Council service attached to the Health and Environment Department since May 2001, when it shed its status as a special Administrative Organ when the Contract with the European Commission expired.

The Agency was created thanks to the SAVE programme, in which its main partner was the agency for the London Borough of Southwark. This programme was operational from the 13th of March 1998 to the 28th of May 2001.

The Pamplona Energy Agency received the ‘Prize for the Best Environmental Initiative’ at the V Environmental Prizes organised by the Environmental consultants Garrigues and the Expansion group, in collaboration with the IESE (University of Navarre’s Business School). It also obtained a Special Mention at the ‘2nd Competition of good sustainable local development practices’ organised by the Government of Navarre’s Department of the Environment, Land Organisation and Housing for its project “Photovoltaic solar panels with educational monitoring in Pamplona schools’.


  • To promote the rational use of energy, applying economising and energy-efficiency measures.
  • To get the city involved in energy saving and the promotion of renewable energies.
  • To inform, advise and sensitise the population regarding energy consumption


Information and advice

  • Pamplona’s Municipal Energy Agency (AEMPA) has a renewable energy and energy savings documentation and personalised advice centre for private individuals, professionals, companies and administrations.
  • Counselling for specific projects from a technical, economic, financial and administrative viewpoint.
  • Information through informative leaflets and pamphlets.

Training and awareness

  • Raising public awareness through dissemination campaigns, talks, conferences and workshops.
  • Training aimed at specific groups (schoolchildren, technicians, shopkeepers, etc.) on energy saving and energy efficiency, new technologies and renewable energies.
  • Promotion of the Agency’s ends and objectives through the media.

Studies and projects

  • Promotion and design of thermal and photovoltaic solar panels for public buildings.
  • Energy studies, reports and audits.
  • National and International cooperation.



C/ Mayor, 20 bajo


Telephone 948 229572

Fax 948 212679


Open to the public: Monday to Friday, from 8.30 am to 2.30 pm.

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