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Arga River Park and Pamplona’s bridges

runa brige

La Magdalena section

Larraintzar - Bridge of La Magdalena

This is the river park’s first meander downstream. It consists of an entire meander to the Bridge of La Magdalena. It is an enticing, country-like walk through market gardens, farms and fields of horses and cows. You soon reach a pretty dam, which is the location of the Mill of Caparroso and the Magdalena stepping stones, which lead you to the Park of La Tejería. The Gothic bridge of La Magdalena (XII), part of the Pilgrims’ Road to Santiago, is at the end of the meander. If you look towards Pamplona, the entire walk is parallel to the Park of La Media Luna and the oldest part of the city walls, the Ronda Barbazana.

Aranzadi section

Bridge of La Magdalena - Bridge of San Pedro

On this section, between the Bridge of La Magdalena and the Bridge of San Pedro, the river park, further away from the city walls, acquires a more urban air. You can visit the Environmental Education Museum in Calle Errotazar, before returning to the river path and arriving in the Park of Runa, with Mount San Cristóbal in the background. The Bridge of San Pedro is the oldest bridge in the city. Of Roman origin, its current appearance is mediaeval.

At this point, the city walls become the backdrop to the path once again: the Bastion of El Redín, the Ravelin of Los Reyes and the Low Bastion of El Pilar.

Rochapea section

Bridge of San Pedro - Bridge of Cuatro Vientos

This stretch of the River Arga approaches the foot of the city’s historical quarter once again, running parallel to Paseo de Ronda, which arrives in the Park of La Taconera via the New Gateway. The towers of the Cathedral, the Archive of Navarre and an entire line of house fronts in pastel shades provide one of the most beautiful views of the walled city.

This part of the river is brimming with activity: fishermen, canoeists and rowers, who set off from the mediaeval Bridge of La Rochapea or Curtidores. Beside the path is a small corral where the wild bulls for the San Fermin bullfights wait to be herded to the Bullring in the Bull Run. If you carry on along the path, you reach the new Bridge of Las Oblatas and, further on, the Gothic Bridge of Santa Engracia.

San Jorge section

Bridge of Cuatro Vientos - Bridge of Miluce

You need to pass the Bridge of Cuatro Vientos by crossing the road and then going back down to the river to return to the redbrick path. The course of the river gets narrower at this point, causing the water to run faster. The path passes a fronton (Basque pelota court), a dam and a mill, and gradually leaves the city behind to welcome a peaceful landscape of trees and silence. On the other side of the river, in the distance, Pamplona’s San Juan district. There is another ancient bridge on this section: the Bridge of Miluce, of Roman or Early Mediaeval origin, reconstructed in the XIX century. The path goes on and on from this point, leaving Pamplona far behind in the distance.

Arga River Park and Pamplona

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