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Development cooperation

woman working an allotment in a developing country

Since 1996, Pamplona City Council has had a Municipal Development Cooperation Programme which aims to support human development in communities in underprivileged countries.

Each year it devotes a budget allocation to this programme. In 2006, this allocation reached € 2,069,326, 0.84% of the municipal budget. This percentage falls in line with the recommendations of the United Nations for encouraging international development cooperation between nations.

The Municipal Development Cooperation Programme is managed by the Social Services and Women’s Department and its objectives are:

  • To develop a municipal development cooperation and international solidarity policy.
  • To publicise conditions in underprivileged nations and communities and the efforts being made to overcome these (Awareness and Education for Development within the city).
  • To contribute to human development programmes in developing countries.
  • To support action aimed at alleviating the effects of humanitarian crises.
  • To promote channels of communication between the Council and NGDOs (Non-governmental Development Organisations) and institutions which work continuously in the field of development cooperation and international solidarity in the local sphere.

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